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14 May

Generational theory postulates that generational cohorts emerge when people are born within a 20 year time period, share a location in history, have common beliefs and behavior, and have a sense membership within the generational group (Strauss & Howe, 1991).

Generational cohorts are proposed to be radically different in values and behaviors because they experienced different events during their formative years (Howe & Strauss, 2003).

A bouncy chair (albeit discontinued, but still in stock) aptly named the “Apptivity seat” features a secure rod that suspends a mirror overhead, which doubles as an i Pad holder.

There are tablet cases designed to make it easier for kids to hold onto the device while protecting the screen from “dribbles and drool.” There’s even a potty training seat with a tablet holder.

The largest differences between parents and their young adult children were associated with newer interactive technologies, with the largest gap between parent and young adult knowledge in the area of social networking.

Perceived differences between parents and their young adult children were smaller among the technologies that have been in use longer (such as such as e-mail), and larger among the newer modes of interactive technology (e.g., video chat).

We wanted a better way to keep an eye on the kids in the next room and a way to get them to the dinner table without yelling across the house.

Now the debate has shifted to which devices children should be exposed to first, the best content they should immerse themselves in and how different sorts of media may impact them at different ages, leaving researchers and doctors scrambling to keep up as technology changes — a nearly impossible task, Uhls said.

Searching for evidence of how mobile devices have changed childhood and parenting, child psychologist and media effects expert Yalda Uhls suggests a quick search.

Within seconds, Amazon produces a long list of staples of American childhood with a twist ­— many have been altered to incorporate tablet use into an infant’s daily routine.

Today’s student generation is mobile, online and Internet-savvy.

They are all computer gurus, and they often engage better with their electronics than they do with paper and pencil.