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03 Feb

For a guide to Installing Kodi in Ubuntu (Linux), See the section on doing exactly that, at the bottom of this very page.

Repositories are where all the Add-ons which give kodi it amazing abilities are.

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For those that want to build from source, 3.5.3 is tagged here: https://svn.uk:8443/xbmc4xbox/tags/3.5.3/.

Derivative applications such as Media Portal and Plex have been spun off from XBMC or Kodi, as well as Just enough operating systems like Open ELEC and Libre ELEC.

Kodi has attracted negative attention for its use to facilitate unauthorized access to copyrighted content, through third-party add-ons, and hardware that ships with Kodi and such add-ons pre-loaded.

Due to that the way how translations are handled has been changed, too. This part shows some additional information for developers and translators to make things more easy. The developers can set special marks in the file to give a useful comment on that string. what it exactly does or where it can be found in the GUI.

The whole translation system has been moved to Transifex. Search that part of the project that needs updating. Additionaly there is a field for the occurence which shows in which file this strings is mentioned. Another useful feature is the discussion board for the team.