Updating screened in porch

08 Feb

Lay pressure-treated 2x4 boards around the perimeter of the porch.Use a framing square to make sure the sill plate is square.That being the dirt and mud tracked up onto the patio by kids, the dogs and yes, even Mr. So to remedy the problem, in 2010 I repainted the floor, but this time I went much darker.floor paint collection.The floor will need one more coat before all is said and done.

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Stand a stud on top of the sill plate against the wall, check for plumb and temporarily fasten it in place.Noteworthy: When I say “we” did this and that, I use the term loosely, as Zane and I did none of the work:-) Our trusted go-to helper Roberto did all the work.That being said, those of you who are DIYers could likely do this entire project for almost half the price.I always thought I needed an open porch to achieve a similar look, but a few weeks ago when Amy and I were in Ikea, I found these sheer panels that were (for TWO!): They’re the same panels I used in our master bedroom and sitting room, but for some reason I thought they were on clearance or being discontinued.