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14 Apr

In the early days pilgrims who painted their houses were considered vain and sacrilegious, but as colonies developed paint became more popular, however it was still a precious commodity and only the wealthy had painted houses.White, the least expensive, red-oxide which is found in iron was used for red-colored paints and vivid greens came from copper oxide; blues were derived from imported indigo and local clay particles rendering it the most expensive of all colors(In early American times there were no motels for travelers on horseback riding several days just to go 100 miles, so almost everyone offered travelers a meal and a bunk in their home or barn for an overnight stay - hence, the saying "There's Always Room for One More")In the early 20th century when the Rockefeller's restored Colonial Williamsburg they believed the colors to be subtle and muted, but new technology has proven that wrong, they were actually quite vivid - and often hideously garish...Looking for a more traditional shutter or extra protection?Legends wood and aluminum shutters come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors.

They are doing an extensive redesign to their exterior and she was excited about taking her home from orange brick to white-washed loveliness. To make sure the undertones in your home are right, get some large samples!In this post I will try to show you what's right and what's not right about various house colors.I'll also try to demonstrate to you that the architectural style of your home is as important as its surroundings, region and purpose when choosing the perfect color.This American shingle-style house has the shingles painted one shade of grey and the clapboard siding below a lighter shade of grey with white trim-work - clean and classic! When in Palm Beach you want to feel like you're in Palm Beach, riiiight ?This beautiful "Bermuda Georgian Style" home has pale "conch pink" walls with white trim and quoins, and sage-green shutters - all so tropical and handsomely subtle.