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11 Mar

Never mind, let me enter yo' atmosphere As you enter my world and let me touch that booty I can't believe that yo' momma that cold Her daughter got such an astonishing soul, you need a modelin role Still a playa know you got it when you climbin From the bottom to the top of the pole, cause you can pop in control Yo' phatty's so accurate when I'm smackin it It's makin me say "What I gotta do to get with that?

" When it come to makin it rain I can get it wet When it come to cuttin that monkey I can get it wet You want some media baby you need a better man He cover politics, I'mma be yo' weatherman Cause every time I'm lookin up and I see more ass I'mma constantly see rain in the forecast This-a-way, that-a-way, I'm flickin 5000 Ones Or whatever you wanna call it It's a celebration, you the champion, here's the fetti confetti C'mon and get drunk with the money hauler [Hook 2X: Erika Shevon] You done been good, but you can do better I done been wet, but I can get it wetter Come and make it rain down onnnn meeeeeee You done been good, but you can do better I done been wet, but I can get it wetter Come and make it rain down onnnn meeeeeee [Twista] But when I'm not for the feminine (feminine) And everybody that proceed with the hatred I'mma teach 'em a lesson I take shots of adrenaline (adrenaline) Cause that's the way I receive immunization against the recession I got the muscle off of my hustle-and-flow money A entrepreneur with ways to get mo' money So don't be trippin whenever you see me throw money Huh, it's just a lil' bit of show money But if you want me to get it wet in other ways Then I'mma have to beat it up but first I'mma play wit'chu girl Touch your ears and your neck and play wit'cha pearls Then I reach up in your pants and play wit'cha pearl When I lay you down you ain't gotta be frontin and fakin on me baby Cause I know it take the right touch I ain't stoppin 'til you wet up the covers Because I gotta keep on fuckin 'til I see a lot of white stuff Now you got me excited, I can't hold it I'm feelin it comin, I'm 'bout to let off an explosion (ohh) Let it ride when I see you animated and shakin Now when I touch your body you catchin convulsions (uh-huh) That's when I know I'm doin what I'm supposed to You chose me, I chose you Don't think I can get it wet?

Twista addressed a report this week, clearing the air about rumors that he inpregnanted pornstar Pinky.

The Chicago rapper, via a statement, said that he has never been sexually intimate with the adult film star, and the rumors are completely untrue.

"I want to inform everyone that not only is Pinky NOT PREGNANT by me, but I've never had any type of sexual encounters with her," Twista said.

"I ain't mad at her, but thanks for promoting my new album, , which will be out in July." According to Twista's rep, he's happily in relationship, but did not reveal his significant other's identity.

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"Get It Wet" is the second single released from Twista's third album, Adrenaline Rush.

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The rapper chose to address the rumor because he doesn't want to hurt his close family and friends, which he cherishes.

"I have the best fans ever and I ask that you respect them and my loved ones," he said.