Spotify news feed not updating

11 Mar

Launch Spotify on your smartphone or tablet and start to play a song5.

When the song starts to play, tap on the button marked Devices Available beneath the playback bar6.

If it doesn't show up in your friends' newsfeed it will show up in their "ticker", but this is just for a short time (read more about the ticker here).

The more comments a workout gets, the more probable it is that it will become "interesting" and be shown in more of your friends' newsfeed.

Those who want to take advantage of the updates will have to update to Sonos' latest 7.0 software.1. Update your Spotify app and Sonos software to the latest version3.

Ensure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same wifi hot spot at the Sonos speakers in your home4.

All the features you'd usually have to launch the dedicated Sonos app to access – like the ability to group speakers, change the volume of individual or groups of speakers, assign different music tracks to different speakers, or switching between playback via headphones and the Sonos speaker whenever you walk into the home – now live within the Spotify app as well.

But starting today, Spotify users will be able to control music without leaving the native music streaming app.

To make sure that a workout will be visible on your profile/timeline and friends’ newsfeed, you can do a manual post.

By copying the workout link/url (click Share on the workout and copy the unique link shown) and paste it into a new Facebook post along with a personal text.

Last week, Facebook made a small but very important change to Instagram.

When I like a photo in the updated Instagram app, "Ellis liked a photo on Instagram" will no longer be automatically shared back to Facebook.