Speed dating oxford uk

30 Jan

On entry, ladies are given a lock and gents are given a key.Guests then circulate to find a match to their lock or key.Checking out the venue before singles dating UK based events enables you to see exactly what it offers.This is useful for several reasons, including helping you decide what to wear on your speed dating night out, and helping you to find the venue, stopping you from being late on the night.If you can drink at an event, does that mean you should?The basic answer is that it must be up to the individual. Can you have a glass of wine, or a beer and still hold a sensible and thoughtful conversation?

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Like speed dating, lock and key parties are a fast and fun way to meet hundreds of singles in just one night.Such prep work also lets you know for definite whether there is a bar or not.This is useful to know in terms of how much money to take with you, and knowing what is on offer in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.At the end of each date you have a brief few moments to make some notes on the person you have just dated.This is something to help jog your memory for the post event matching process the next day.