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12 Feb

Oh, but every Nottingham girl knows that the Victoria's Centre region is the place to be. The mini golf downstairs, however, is always a winner. Yes yes so Nottingham is a bit industrial-looking and full of factories in some places, but we're more than aware of what fields, villages and parks look like - so don't take the piss, yeah? This is England was filmed in Nottingham, but that doesn't mean we all spent our youth with a shaved head taking drugs on a residential estate.15.

While you might think Cineworld is the best place to take us on a date, we kind of did the whole 'watch a film and then go for a Nando's in the building next door' thing when we were 16.

From 1st April 2016, Nottingham Rape Crisis will be running the City Service.

First thing's first, don't ever refer to Nottingham as 'the North' – we're from the Midlands, OK? Oh, and don't expect us to have some sort of thick accent of any kind. Prepare for sticky shoes, confiscated ID and a group of middle aged men on a fake stag do. it's full of witty, intelligent and beautiful girls too, lads!

All referrals are offered an initial assessment appointment within two weeks of the initial contact and advised of waiting times for counselling in their particular area.Miriam Bampkin, 60, of Ripley Road, Belper, is charged with three counts of indecent assault on a boy under 16-years-old and one charge of indecent assault on a boy over 16-years-old.The charges are alleged to have happened in the 1980s at Amberdale Observation and Assessment Centre and all relate to one victim.Midlands girls can be well-spoken y'know, and we 4. Joey tells Ross he's in love with Rachel, and he freaks out.If you ever meet a Nottingham girl's mum, she will probably address you by saying "ey up me duck", and constantly call you her 'duck' or her 'love' from then on. Just please NEVER ask about that time we got kicked out of Gatecrasher and ended up crying on the bouncers shoulder. If we say we're going to Baa bar, we're not referring to anything that involves sheep. Joey tells Rachel, and she doesn't (but can't return his feelings).