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20 Feb

When the accident occured, she first thought she'd torn the ACL in her knee, but an MRI later revealed a fracture as a result of a osteochondral defect in the cartilage in her leg. Last night was a particularly long night as I regret the word I used in the banter of a live moment.This is the SECOND time she's been seriously injured while working out too! The word was offensive and I regret saying it and am very sorry." Not cool, Bill Maher.Fans of The Bachelorette may recall that the suave Martinez became engaged to Ali Fedotowsky on the ABC reality show during 2010.The couple split in 2011 and he started dating his current love in March 2013.

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The blonde beauty took to Instagram to flaunt her HUGE new rock and share the happy news with her fans. Ali and Roberto were engaged for 18 months before stopping the wedding plans.

Justin Rego, Kasey Kahl and Kirk De Windt returned in the second season of Bachelor Pad, finished in 17th/18th, 5th/6th and 7th/8th. Ali and Jesse flew in a private jet to Las Vegas, Nevada for a fancy dinner and private concert with Jamie Callum, one of Ali's favorite artists. Original airdate: June 7, 2010 One-on-one: Roberto.

In 2015, De Windt returned to compete for the third time in the second season of Bachelor in Paradise and finished in 9th/10th. Ali and Roberto go on a helicopter ride over Los Angeles and land on the roof of a 20-story building. Kirk was eliminated and Frank received the last rose. Roberto and Ali went to a heart-shaped island for their date.

"He's still in shock that it's really over."To fans of the show, the bubbly, athletic blonde and her tall, dark and handsome beau seemed poised to beat the odds that stand in the way of reality-TV romance.

(For the record: Two of seven Bachelorette couples are still together, and exactly zero of 15 original Bachelor pairs.) Off-camera, the duo got off to a rocky start, with Ali admitting she wasn't thrilled with their tight quarters in an 'industrial' area of San Diego, their chosen new hometown.