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18 Mar

According to a press release from Tidal, the album will tell the story of the highs and lows of a relationship, with insights into conflict, memories, love, sex and more.

On March 29, Sean and Aiko appeared together on the cover of Flaunt to promote the album, TWENTY88.

It’s not confirmed, but we have to assume that it is possible.

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So, while we would like to rely on encryption as a clear indication that there are no Skype calls recorded (at least by Skype), that’s not a conclusion we can make.

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Whether police dash-cam recordings are public records is a major public-policy question in Ohio," O'Neill said in his dissent.

It could be end-to-end encryption, but there are indications that, particularly when routed through the Skype servers, the conversation could be visible or audible in unencrypted form.

On top of that, there’s really no reliable way to tell what kind of connection you have, or even if you do have a Skype-to-Skype connection, that the information still isn’t being mirrored to Skype’s servers somehow.

Justices determined that the State Highway Patrol acted improperly by denying a request by The Cincinnati Enquirerfor the video of a January 2015 police chase on Interstate 71 near Cincinnati that ended in a wreck.

The patrol finally handed over the video in May, two months after the driver was convicted of fleeing and eluding law enforcement and other crimes.