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11 Mar

We’d been teaching these programs for five years before ever putting them to disc – Foundations being the “total-system” Superconference that has built my notoriety over the years, Transformations being the program on “identity level change” with the superb dynamic of the entire RSD crew, The Jeffy Show being Jeffy’s “personal stash and arsenal” laid out for you in his all-time masterpiece, The Blueprint Decoded being the most advanced seduction program ever created, and Flawless Natural being Tim's total method for attracting beautiful women with core masculine intent. All five are captured in crystal clear HD video and audio, come in the type of collector’s edition packaging that puts a smile on your face every time you reference back to them, and are jam-packed with the type of uber-advanced wisdom and epiphanies that you need to make your highest goals into a reality and give yourself an unfair edge over the competition.

I've been doing this job since I was 22 years old, basically my entire adult life.They’re insanely popular and consistently get raving reviews as being the “most advanced” and “reality-melting” dating programs in existence, and there’s very good reason for it. Well, you’re about to be taken by the hand, marched past the smoking wreckage of all the unfulfilled dreams and nonsense you see all around you, and revealed the detailed roadmap you need to reach this VERY REALISTIC goal as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible.If you’ve never experienced a RSD program, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE MISSING, because the free resources we offer via the newsletter, blog, and RSD Nation are about 1% the value that are available to you.The set is structured so that each member of the Real Social Dynamics team has their chance to teach you individually the methods that have made them so successful with women.Firstly, I want to say that many of the stories the guy’s recount, are worth the price tag alone.