Microsoft dns reverse lookup not updating adult dating east springfield ohio

25 Feb

In order to do so, I need to be able to facilitate updating DNS records from clients that do and do not support dynamic DNS record registration.Active Directory/DNS is running on Server 2012 R2 in 2012 R2 forest/domain functional levels.

The lease time for DHCP clients is 4 days - and that should not be changed. What to set on W2K- and XP-Clients (that do DNS-registration themselves)3.

Although BIND is a grown up DNS and long in production on millions of servers, the Samba BIND DLZ module is still new.

That's why both backends don't yet cover all the features that you can setup with the Microsoft DNS tools.

A working Active Directory is heavily based on a working DNS.

It's not just for resolving IP addresses into names and vice versa.