Gemini man dating sagittarius woman

24 Feb

Unfortunately, the Gemini suffers from this because their charm is so infectious. Still, people are surprised when the Gemini goes through these changes, and they feel that they are looking at a completely different person.Their positive traits are so easy to see that people basically write off the rest of their personality and assume that those positive sides are all there is to the Gemini person. The secret to Sagittarius woman and Gemini man love compatibility is for the Sagittarius woman to fully understand her Gemini male partner. The Sagittarius woman is very good with people and can really get deep if she lets herself do it.For them, compatibility would mean the freedom to do want they want individually, without having to face the reality of everyday life.But when these people do eventually settle down, they usually make inspirational parents who would encourage their children to challenge the existing states of affair or the norm.The match-up between the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman is a relationship between air and fire, which can be inspirational, yet can also be chaotic.First and foremost, these partners are usually great friends, so they understand each other.Fire vs Air - In this relationship, you'll supply the enthusiasm, foresight and ambition; he will supply the ideas, imagination and wit.

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It’s a bad move when you do that to a Virgo, a Taurus, a Cancer, a Pisces, or any other sign of the horoscope; and it’s definitely a bad move if you do it for the Gemini. The reality is that what like with most people, it just takes a challenge, tough times, or certain set of circumstances for other aspects of our personalities to come up.

The Sagittarius woman would not have any problems with this project. This is the big challenge because the Sagittarius, the beginning of the relationship, tends to be fairly shallow. However, with the Gemini man, you really need to get past the good beginnings and get to really know him. The Sagittarius woman and Gemini man love compatibility will throw curve balls at you. The saddest part of it all is it is self-inflicted by the Sagittarius woman because she really didn’t take the time and effort to know her Gemini love partner. If you really know a Gemini, there is no room for surprises.

Keep the tips above in mind when analyzing Sagittarius woman and Gemini man love compatibility. There are a lot of positive things about this match, and it can lead to a very happy relationship.

Gemini’s also don’t have a problem with sticking out. In many cases, it is set aside because all attention is focused on the shortcomings of the Gemini. In other words, they turn to a completely different person if certain situations, circumstances, or challenges appear. The sad reality of it all is that you pretty much did it on yourself.

If they believe in something or if they have a specific vision regarding how something should be dealt with or they are artists, Gemini’s really stand out from the crowd. The biggest shortcoming is that they seem to have two faces. In many cases, the friend or the lover is in a really tight spot and in the moment where they have the most need of their Gemini friend or the most need for emotional support, they feel they get stabbed in the back. A key secret of Sagittarius woman and Gemini man love compatibility is a full and complete understanding of the Gemini man. The Gemini man doesn’t want to discourage you, disappoint you, or otherwise harm you. When you feel let down, it’s because you let yourself down. People basically assume that since this Gemini has this certain personality traits, that’s all her or she is.