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28 Apr

We don’t understand the childhood behavior patterns that solidified into our emotions, our passions, our frustrations, our needs, our thought patterns, and why we sometimes act the way we do.

Tiquira é a “água ardente” de mandioca de origem indígena e sabor suave.

China is drawing national prestige from achievements in space, and there will be a tremendous shift in national prestige toward Beijing if the Chinese are operating on the moon and we are not.

Behind every Supreme Court decision is a sociology of ordinary life.

Opinions reveal the justices’ view of what’s what in the world, how people act and why things change.

The Supreme Court blessed that outcome in reinterpreting precedent meant to do the opposite and elevating politics over constitutional protections for racial minorities. The dangers of the decision’s sociology are as stark as its consequences for racial inequality.

The world that Justice Anthony Kennedy described in his controlling opinion is not our world today.