Dating who pays

25 May

When one commenter accused a diarist of “mooching off her boyfriend,” another told her to “absolutely never feel guilty about letting the bf pay, when he makes 3X your salary!

A couple of years ago, Janet Lever, a sociology professor at California State University–Los Angeles, was giving a phone interview on a paper she'd published regarding money and dating.

Here, an important tip for men is NEVER EVER let the woman pay entirely!

But the mixed signals from readers made me think twice.

My boyfriend and I developed a system that allows us to contribute proportionally, since he makes more than I do.

When we dine out, he pays; when we cook at home, I pick up the groceries.

Regardless of your feelings on the matter, whatever you do, don't leave the house without enough money to pay for at least your share.

It's a first date so while he may seem great (and generous) on paper, you never really know what you're getting into until he's sitting across from you.