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23 Feb

Weatherby's first break with Mauser actions came in 1956 when he commissioned the Danish firm of Schultz & Larsen to build 378 Weatherby Magnums utilizing their Model 54 bolt action.This action was very stout and featured four rear locking lugs.TWO BOX BARREL BREAK-IN This barrel break-in procedure requires two boxes of ammunition to complete.Start out by shooting one round at a time, cleaning the barrel thoroughly after each round and allowing it to cool.We also invite you to see what other hunters and shooters are talking about at Weatherby Nation. Categories: General | Accubrake | Ammunition | Mark V | Mark XXII | Optics | Scope Mounts | Shotguns | Vanguard Screws for wood stocks have a torque specification of 35 inch pounds.Please note, however, that you should tighten the rear screw first and then the front screw.

The original production rifles by Roy Weatherby were built on commercial Mauser actions by FN, Brevex (magnum), and Mathieu (left hand). Earlier production was from Germany and Italy, and German mfg. Weatherby offers a research authentication service for Weatherby firearms. Weatherby is an importer and manufacturer of long arms. S., while O/U shotguns are made in Italy and semi-autos are mfg. Weatherby is well-known for their high-velocity proprietary rifle calibers.Once ten, three shot groups have been fired the barrel is adequately broken in.At this point the rifle can be sighted in and used.