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22 Apr

In the handle of the razor he has hidden the tracking device.

After unscrewing the bottom part of the handle, he takes out the device, activates it and puts it in the hidden part of the heel of his shoe.

The story of Gillette and the famous "razors and razor blades" business model is legendary at this point.

The story goes that King Gillette revolutionized business by coming up with the strategy of selling razors cheaply, but then locking people in to expensive disposable blades, where the margin existed.

The first attested use of the term "safety razor" is in a patent application for "new and useful improvements in Safety-Razors", filed in May 1880 by Fredrik and Otto Kampfe of Brooklyn, New York, and issued the following month.

This differed from the Henson design in distancing the blade from the handle by interposing, "a hollow metallic blade-holder having a preferably removable handle and a flat plate in front, to which the blade is attached by clips and a pivoted catch, said plate having bars or teeth at its lower edge, and the lower plate having an opening, for the purpose set forth", which is, to "insure a smooth bearing for the plate upon the skin, while the teeth or bars will yield sufficiently to allow the razor to sever the hair without danger of cutting the skin." The Kampfe Brothers produced razors under their own name following the 1880 patent and improved the design in a series of subsequent patents.

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Plastic disposable razors and razors with replaceable blade attachments are in common use today.

This Razor been through a vigorous cleaning process to get it to the point that it is now. By sterilized I mean this razor has been cleaned to the point of surgical equipment.

This razor has been polished down to the bare metal and then professionally re-plated with a commercial grade jewelry plating machine.

This razor has been plated to a thickness twice of that used when rhodium or gold plating jewelry and has a brilliant shine.

Both doors open and close perfectly in unison and the bottom twists smooth as pie.