Dating a lane cedar chest

11 Apr

I'm Chris and I am addicted to yard sales, garage sales, thrift stores and bargain hunting in general. "Smile" and "VV" (Vintage Value) are the names of two thrift stores I regularly shop at.

Lane Furniture continues to perpetuate the lovely tradition of the "hope chest" to this day.

Before the 19th century notion of marrying strictly for love could be supported by a manufacturing economy, marriages were often a financial concern and both bride and groom, along with their families, brought financial responsibilities to the arrangement.

A bride's chest, often called a "hope chest" in America, was traditionally filled with the linens she wove and embroidered, beginning as a child.

The company has an intriguing method by which you can date your own chest.

Are any of your products tested on larger individuals? How do I know if a style I like is available in a loveseat or sectional?