Dangers of facebook dating

16 Mar

According to The Washington Post, this Facebook group is open to all age groups and is filled with cyberbullying, pornography, as well as suggestive pictures or videos of teens.

Teens and adults who are pretending to be teens can rate and comment on the pictures posted by other teens.

The comments usually turn into bullying and scary requests for further contact with the posters.

The focus on moderating these Facebook groups intensified this week because of the disappearance of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell, a frequent visitor of teen dating groups.

We are constantly broadcasting our exact locations to the world. Not only that, even people who you do know in real life aren’t people who are really your friends. When she asked me what to do, I told her to de-friend him.

Often, this is because people post pictures of what they’re really up to after they’ve claimed to be spending a quiet weekend at home. And, I guarantee that you don’t know every single person who is friends with you on Facebook.

Scammer Create fake account and seduce people for casual date.

It’s a very simple and emotional tricks to scam people through Facebook.