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21 May

‘Enjo kosai’ (援助交際) is a form of compensated dating, which is also known as enko (援交).

One of Yang’s colleagues teased him: “You like a nice pipe, and these things will be worth quite a bit of money. The centralised authoritarian regime which he established lasted for more than 2000 years.Involvement: One of Slate Takes’ founders personally provided assistance to the Art Department of this Hong Kong production.Director: Kenneth Bi Cast: Michelle Wai, Bonnie Xian, Venus Wong, Una Lin Released: September 2010 Synopsis: This film revolves around a group of young girls, who practice compensated dating, a real life social phenomenon among teenage women in Hong Kong.A selection of the 2,000-year-old Qin warriors, discovered in 1974 in China’s central Shaanxi province, are now on display in Bern’s history museum.tracked down Yang, who is now 75, and spoke to him by phone.