College students and dating sites

25 Apr

Even though there are hundreds, even thousands, of new people to meet when you enroll in college, it can still be kind of difficult to make a love connection.

With that in mind, several sites have been launched specifically as online dating sites for college students.

The site is free and users can upload photos and videos of themselves.

Like other college student dating sites, it requires users to register with a e-mail address which assures users that they are actually communicating with other students/alumni.

It also lists the user’s major, school and student status.

Jaelyn, just turned 20, was a sophomore in chemistry, working in a lab on nanoparticles.

High-school friends describe the tiny Vicksburg native as a “spunky, smart robotics chick” from a strict black family, with a Navy veteran and police officer for a father and a school superintendent for a mother.