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10 Mar

We climb Pacaya to find red lava spewing slowly and silently, the world slowly turning itself inside out.

Near the fissures the grey crust of rock is thin and brittle, breaking underfoot in sharp shards to reveal hot flesh below.

To the west, high up in the cooler cloud forest, I visit the Zacapa factory for rum ageing in Quetzaltenango.It is not recommended to buy a model that has a limitation under 10 ft.The depth limitation determines how much light the camera needs to take good photographs so even if you are using it for snorkelling you want a camera that can take photos in dark waters.Obviously you need to figure out how much you are able to spend on your camera before you can start a wish list of features.The more bells and whistles the more expensive the camera is going to be, so really understand what is the purpose of your waterproof camera. Obviously a professional photographer or underwater diver will require a more robust camera than someone taking it on a dream beach vacation for a little snorkelling or frolicking on the beach.