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24 May

When we last saw her, in the Season 3 finale, Ann had moved in with her new boyfriend, George Michael's Uncle Gob (Will Arnett), despite the fact that he thought she was a "dude" earlier in the series. You know, I'm always confused about how much I can say, but what I do know is that -- Alia [Shawkat] is one of my best friends and Michaal [Cera] too so I definitely have seen some of the things that are going down with the show and it is .It's so incredible and so smart and wonderful and just outrageously great. Fans of the show will really love what they're doing with the new reboot of it and I definitely will say I could never let this opportunity go by without absolutely forcing myself to be a part of it.

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Because he’s supposed to be a sweet kid…when he’s not flailing his ego about and pissing on the movie version of the tv show that made him. Full Story Multiple sources are reporting that George Clooney, no longer ungrateful, is indeed returning to ER to commemorate the show’s final season. Like, you’re so amazing now because you make movies.

, Shawkat dishes on the challenges she faces after being pigeonholed as angsty teenager Maeby and the difficulties young actresses face in finding unique roles in Hollywood.

Shawkat said she’s no longer interested in playing the “begrudged angry teenager” — “I did that once and it got canceled, so I rather not do it again” — and that it’s “hard to find roles that aren’t repetitive.”After working with Page — and Shawn Tillman aka Har Mar Superstar — on 2009’s , which is now in development at HBO.“We decided to go to Amsterdam for 10 days, and we just went there and wrote this show, the three of us, and we got inspired through herbal substances and just being in a new country, and we wrote a pilot and never thought anything would happen, and then HBO really liked it,” she told .

For years now, they’ve been teasing us about an Arrested Development reunion/movie/whatever. Well, I don’t mean to be mean, but right now, Cera kinda needs any help he can get seeing as Jesse Eisenberg has pretty much killed his value. Full Story Scott Pilgrim vs the World was all over Comic-Con. They say that Edgar Wright’s (director) work is incredible.

But while there was always hope, there never seemed to be anything solid. They say that the effects and the story are original and resonant and at once entertaining and moving.