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03 Mar

The extravert trait ensures that this character is open-minded and enthusiastic yet the intuitive portion of the personality allows the individual to be thoughtful and insightful.This combination can yield an idealistic individual with a lust for life and an appreciation for the feelings and motives of those around them.ENFP individuals are considered to be one of the most varied and adaptable types of characters and are typically referred to as “inspirers.” As an ENFP grows up, his or her traits may exhibit a power play between the dominant and recessive features.

Instead, we overanalyze what we or our partners are thinking, we fear wasting time, we rush commitment, or we run away to avoid feeling trapped.Of those who fall into this category, females outnumber men at a ratio of two to one.Finding a loving companion isn’t easy for all ENFPs, although this dominant extraverted personality does tend to find it easier to initiate relationships than introverted individuals.By communicating early on that you believe the best relationships are built on having fun, getting to know each other, and taking it slow, you’ll be surprised by the relief you and your partner feel. Warning signs (of a significant lack of empathy, self-control, or personal responsibility) should never be dismissed, but this is not a time to overthink the process.You’ll also find it’s easier to get repeat dates and to advance to later stages. Worrying about what the other is thinking, getting excessively excited (or critical), and becoming exclusive right away usually triggers people to shut down.