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31 Jan

Columbus is moving to provide its officers with body cameras.

Tensing was tried in the July 19 shooting death of motorist Samuel Du Bose, but the case resulted in a hung jury. Earlier this month, the Supreme Court ruledthat nearly all parts of videos captured by dash-cams in police vehicles are public record and must be released.

All the stockers are employed for the same job description but the men only are required to sweep and mop the entire store every night!

The men are also required to empty the cardboard bailing machine in the back.

The Ohio Supreme Court ducked a direct ruling on whether police body-camera videos are public records, but found Tuesday that a prosecutor acted reasonably in waiting to release video of a fatal shooting by an officer.

The ruling came in a case in which six media organizations sued Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph Deters after he did not immediately release a body-camera video of a University of Cincinnati police officer shooting an unarmed motorist as the man sat in his car.

The justices did not rule on that point in their unanimous opinion, but Lanzinger pointed out that damages can be awarded if records are not promptly provided.

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We weren't allowed to use the bathroom after 10pm & bullied by cops! My problem is with the store on Las Vegas Blvd and Cheyenne. Yogurt and other refrigerate product should not be sitting out so long that they become room temperature.

You really need to replace the manager of this store, or at least send him to another store for training.